Meet Glenlee’s 100th purchaser, Alison Weatherly

Geelong disability worker Alison Weatherly has been searching for her first home for the last few years, ramping up her search in the last three months, eventually finding her piece of the Australian dream at ID_Land’s Glenlee.

Currently renting in Geelong, Alison works locally and spends her weekends either sailing with the local yacht club, relaxing at the beach or hiking at the nearby You Yangs.

“I love going out and having adventures on the weekends, whether I’m out on the water, spending time with my friends, or exploring the area.

“The fact that Glenlee is so close to everything that I already love doing is definitely a bonus for me.

While Alison is drawn to the location of Glenlee, she is also looking forward to having the level of control that owning your own home affords you.

“There are a few things I’ve wanted to do over the years, while I’ve been renting, that I haven’t really wanted to invest in just yet, such as a little garden.

“I’m really looking forward to having my own garden!” Alison said.

Alison found the sales team at Glenlee to be extremely supportive and helpful, answering her questions and assisting her with the sometimes daunting journey of buying her first home.

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