Backyard camping

You don’t need to venture far to have an incredible camping journey, have you considered setting up in your own backyard? If you’re a family that loves camping – why not do it at home? There are endless perks to backyard camping, especially during the colder months!

If you want to ease the young ones into the outdoor experience, then the backyard is the perfect place to do it. Being at home means:

  • They won’t need to use a public toilet
  • They can have a clean shower
  • They can get used to sleeping outside, but inside is still an option
  • They’ll still have access to all their outdoor games, toys and clothing

It’s also a more cost-effective way of getting into used to the process.

There are a range of adventurous activities you can easily enjoy in your own backyard:

  • Build a tent
  • Cook outside
  • Play board games
  • Draw a map for a treasure hunt
  • Tell scary stories inside the tent

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