Spend a weekend at Lake Connewarre Wildlife Reserve

Armstrong Creek is home to many picturesque natural parklands, all of which are perfect for a quiet weekend getaway with the family, especially as spring begins and the sun comes out.

One of these local attractions also happens to be one of the state’s largest and most significant wetland reserves, Lake Connewarre Wildlife Reserve.

As the name suggest, Lake Connewarre Wildlife Reserve is home to an extremely diverse mix of flora and fauna, with many native plants and animals calling it home. Pelicans, black swans and Caspian terns all frequent the lake, which supports 10,000 swans and ducks.

Situated between Geelong, Portarlington and Ocean Grove, Lake Connewarre is a centrally located attraction that allows for follow-up adventures at one of the City of Geelong’s much-loved local townships.

And the best part about Lake Connewarre Wildlife Reserve? It’s located just 20 minutes by car from Glenlee, meaning you could head over and soak up the serenity every weekend if you wanted to!

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