Meet Glenlee purchaser Kyle Galloway

Kyle Galloway, like most Australians, has spent 2020 working from home. Currently residing in an apartment in Northcote, Kyle was searching for a spacious property he could call his own when his partner, another Glenlee buyer, recommended he look at the estate.

Like many young homebuyers, current government grants played a big role in Kyle’s decision; his ability to gain an extra $20,000 from the regional First Home Owner Grant (FHOG), and the supportive sales team at Glenlee, helped his decision.

“ I’d been searching for property for a while, and the first Home Owner Grant certainly pushed me to make the call – plus, my partner had also just bought land in Glenlee, she wanted to build her own, and she said the team was really helpful and that I should have a look.

“ Minloo was super, super helpful when I was looking, she answered all my questions and she really made me feel confident,” Kyle said.

Currently working at an inner-city law firm, Kyle was motivated by Glenlee’s natural green spaces, connectivity to Melbourne’s CBD, and the prospect of having his own garden.

“ I’ve been working from home this year, and I’ll continue doing more of that in coming years, so I really wanted my own space, more room, and a backyard, so that I can make my home my own,” Kyle said.

Kyle currently drives from Northcote into the city every day, a trip spanning just three suburbs, but it takes him the same amount of time as the V-Line train will from Glenlee.

“ The V-Line was a big factor for me, I figured I could spend 45 minutes in traffic every day, or I could spend 45 minutes sitting back and relaxing on the train – the choice was easy!” Kyle said.

As Glenlee continues to take shape, we are looking forward to welcoming more residents like Kyle!

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